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The Autosolutions Car Service Workshop In Newbury

Our Workshop In Newbury
Our fully equipped workshop in Newbury offers all we need to cater for your car. There is also on-site parking, which can be found in front of the building and is clearly marked

Inside The Autosolutions Workshop In Newbury

Fully equipped for your Peugeot/Citoen
We have the space, equipment and technical know-how to care for your car. As you'll see, we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean/tidy working environment to ensure the quality of work is the same!

Autosolutions Services and Repairs All Makes

All make service/repair
ALL other makes of vehicle are welcome in our workshop for service, repair and major unit overhaul.

Autosolutions All Make Diagnostic Using The SnapOn Modis Ultra

Snap-On Modis Ultra
Our "all makes" diagnostic tool is the Snap-On Modis Ultra™. There is almost complete market coverage for engine diagnosis and other systems such as transmission, ABS, airbag, key programming, DPF regeneration etc. Includes an oscciloscope to go beyond simply "reading the fault codes" and get the diagnosis right first time.

Autosolutions All Make Diagnostic Using The Autel MS908S Pro

Autel MS908S Pro
This system will allow all makes diagnosis, coding, programming etc and is especially useful for BMW and Mercedes vehicles. The software will enable vehicle software updates for BMW and Mercedes

Autosolutions Peugeot And Citroen Diagnosis Using PP2000 and Lexia

Peugeot PP2000/Planet Diag/Lexia
The main dealer Peugeot/Citroen diagnostic system. We can communicate with all Peugeot and Citroen models and carry out complete diagnosis and re-configuration tasks.

Autosolutions Air Conditioning System Service

Air conditioning systems
We can carry out air conditioning system refrigerant evacuation, re-charging and diagnosis on all R134a (pre 2015) and R1234yf systems (2015 onwards)

We Service Motorhomes Too

We service motorhomes too
Please call to enquire.

Mini Cooper JCW Racecar

We even help at the racetrack!
This Mini Cooper JCW, using the PSA/BMW 1.6 turbo engine and producing 265bhp, arrived with a very sick engine but was revived with a complete engine rebuild.

Mini Cooper JCW Engine Removal

Heart surgery!
Engine removal for overhaul.