privacy policy

  • Is this website safe?
    Autosolutions takes the privacy of your information very seriously. You are visiting a secure site that uses an encrypted connection (indicated by the padlock symbol and the letters "https" in the address bar before the "www"). This means that all data transmitted between you and the website is secure.

  • What data do you collect?
    We will only collect data that you provide whilst browsing this website. This may include details such as your name, telephone number and email address where it is entered into the enquiry submission form.

  • Do you share my information?
    The data you provide whilst submitting the enquiry form will only be held by Autosolutions in order to reply to you effectively. The collected data will not be shared. This website does not offer online purchases and therefore does not collect personal financial data.

  • Do you store my data?
    We will hold the data that you provide electronically for the purposes of satisfying you enquiry and also to keep you informed of future offers and promotions. If you'd prefer that we didn't contact you with details of offers and promotions that may be useful then you can contact us using the link below and we will remove you from our database.